The Author Foundry Promise

“ is laser focused on helping
Professionals and Entrepreneurs just like you
Write and take their Nonfiction Book to Publication
In Eleven weeks, Guaranteed.”


What our Writers In Residence Receive from Write2Press

One-on-One Mentoring from your Developmental Editor:

  • Total of twenty-hours of assistance from your assigned Developmental Editorial (D.E.).
  • Your D.E. will spend your twenty, both discussing your project with you and working directly on your manuscript.
  • We can not promise that you will work with the same D.E. throughout your project, as our D.E.’s freelance their services. We match you up, based on the subject matter you’re writing about, and the D.E.’s similar knowledge.
  • Should you require more than twenty hours with your D.E. you can purchase additional blocks of time in 4 hour increments @ $139.00 USD/ Block.



  • Ten, one-hour long, Pre Recorded (or live for the first few cohorts) online video instruction.
  • Weekly, LIVE Group Q & A session for the duration of our standard ten-week Author Foundry Program.
  • The time and dates for these session will be pre-scheduled and you will receive a reminder invitation via E-mail, a few days prior to each Webinar.
  • Q & A Webinars are usually recorded and made available for review, within a week, from the Writer’s Resource Center.



  • A complete series of workbooks in PDF format, based on the ten pre-recorded lesson modules. Each workbook contains detailed information, background data, and How-To’s, along with exercises designed to help you make crucial decisions and guide you through the process of organising your thoughts and ideas into a final product readers will value.
  • Additional Workbook exercises and bonus PDFs, will help you build a Professional Submission Package and provide insights into the publishing process and how best to prepare to market yourself and your book.
  • Additional third-party modules on topics ranging from the basic How To’s of Social Media Marketing to Legal Matters, will also be available in the Writer’s Resource Page with unlimited access, in perpetuity or for as long as they’re available to us.
  • Once you register, the Workbooks and additional modules will be instantly accessible online, within the Members Area. You are free to progress through the material at your own pace, but you must have your D.E.’s signoff on your manuscript before submitting it. If your D.E. believes your manuscript needs more work and you disagree, we will submit your book to our Supervising Editor or the Acquisition Editor of our imprints. We publish quality work and want to be sure your book receives the attention it needs and deserves.
  • Once you have completed your exercises (they are designed to help you create your submission package), and receive an editorial sign-off on your manuscript, you will receive a publishing offer. It’s that simple!


What Our Program Delivers to You

  • Once registered, Writers receive full access to the Member Site including all ten modules, the workbook PDFs, and all the goodies on the Writer’s Resource Page.
  • Within 48 hours of submitting your first assignment, your mentor, an experienced Developmental Editor will be assigned to you. We match writers and editors based on your experience and your chosen subject matter.
  • Once your D.E. is assigned, together you will create your deadline schedule based on the pace at which you plan to tackle the course modules, and your knowledge and research already completed on your subject. You will be completing your module exercises, and submitting assignments to your D.E.
  • We suggest taking the full eleven weeks to complete the course and your book. Of course, you can take longer, and may need to, depending on your schedule and the hours you choose to commit.
  • Once you have completed your exercises, your D.E. or the Supervising Editor will mentor you in completing your submission package using the material already compiled from your exercises. Your submission is not complete until the D.E. signs off on your manuscript and your submission package is accepted.
  • When your submission package is accepted as complete (within 48 hours of submission), the official timer begins. If you sign on as an author with one of our Imprints, we guarantee your book is published within the next six to twelve weeks.
  • Traditional publishing houses can take between six months to two years between accepting your manuscript and publishing your book. It’s important to note that Publication is not synonymous with Printing.
  • If you believe your book has the merit to attract Literary Agents, we have several currently accepting our direct submissions for consideration (a Submission is not a guarantee of publication). If you’re in too much of a hurry to wait for an Agent to make the rounds with your manuscript (this can take several years), our imprints can have your book designed, edited, and ready for launch in six to twelve weeks.
  • While your book is in production, you will be urged to participate in the marketing workup, including adding your input on critical issues like the cover design, creating reiterative material, and value added products to support your platform.
  • Additionally, you will be encouraged to complete several value added marketing courses. These include bonus modules on List Building, setting up a Website, using Google Analytics, and many more.


What You Deliver to Us

You may submit anytime after registering but we strongly recommend that you invest time with your Developmental Editor to be sure you get everything just right.

Your Submission Package Must Contain:

  1. Your Author Biography
  2. BISAC Categories – Minimum of Three
  3. Amazon Categories – Minimum of Three
  4. Ten Keywords / Keyword Phrases (minimum of 1 long-tail keyword)
  5. Summary
  6. Synopsis – Chapter by Chapter
  7. Finished Manuscript (final edit completed by your D.E.)
  8. All necessary Illustrations and Photographs for the body of the book must be accompanied by proof of copyright ownership and / or Model Releases.

Your Submission Package Should Contain:

  1. Minimum of three testimonials from colleagues in your industry, attesting to your professionalism, expertise, commitment etc.
  2. Your Marketing Plan. These forms are available from the Writer’s Resource Section or on request)

All of the requirements listed above, are covered in detail throughout the ten-week program. Every requirement listed above can be discussed with your D.E, who will mentor you through the work and exercises needed to complete your manuscript and submit a professional package.


Mutual Bail Out Clauses


  • Writing a book is a lot of work. Many new authors fail to grasp the commitment needed to write a book readers will value. If you find you have underestimated your commitment, you can walk away from the Author Foundry program, no questions asked, within the first thirty days of your Registered Course start date. You will receive a full refund of your FEE within thirty days of informing us of your decision not to continue.
  • We will also refund your FEE, if you complete the Author Foundry program, submit your full Submission Package and have it accepted, but for any reason, we can’t deliver on our promise to publish within twelve weeks, guaranteed.


  • Our reputation is also on the line, so we reserve the right to reject a book at any time during the development process. If you deliver a complete submission package on the subject you defined and developed with your Developmental Editor and we can’t publish it for any reason, we will provide you with feedback and a complete refund. We don’t imagine having to do this often but we will. If you find your great non-fiction project morphing into something different than the book you presented in your application, or developed with your D.E., let us know immediately. We may not have the expertise to publish your new project but we can and will put you on the path that suits you and your work best.
  • We sincerely want to see you succeed. We want you to make the best use of all the material in the Member’s Resource Center and we want your book to sell. If we can’t envision a market for your work, we’ll be honest with you regarding your prospects. You may be surprised to learn the average self-published book will never sell more than 50 copies in total! A small publishing-house will often consider the sale of a thousand books a great success.
  • We do not guarantee book sales. We do, however, promote your book through several 3rd party promotion services. We have found that that approach works well to get work noticed and drive early sales. Additionally, we understand that your work is yours. We do not take all your rights. You will receive an industry standard contract offer for print and electronic book rights only. Our contract also allows you to reiterate, serialize, or give away up to 60% of your content in other information products, including those not published by our imprints. We manage your book listing and provide quarterly sales reports, along with continued access to the Members Area and Writer’s Resource Section.
  • We want to give you all the tools you need along with the 20 hours of personal mentoring from your dedicated D.E.. Our comprehensive program for writing a nonfiction book, is focused on leveraging your platform, building a foundation for your work, and must be worthy of having your name on the cover! We’re invested in seeing you succeed. Let us put our research, experience, and the Reader Needs Writing Model™ in your hands and behind your work.


What You Need to Bring to The Table

Minimum Technical Requirements

  1. Computer, be it a desktop or laptop. You must submit material in a digitized format compatible with a digital workflow.
  2. Basic computer literacy and familiarity with your Operating System
  3. Reliable Internet Connection
  4. Functional comfort level with your Web Browser, and how to download, install and activate any third party tools that will be necessary eg.
  5. More on this to come, once we begin to discuss Marketing and Social Media platforms
  6. Headset or Microphone and Speakers for participation in Webinars and Q & A sessions
  7. You must have an E-mail address which you visit regularly as this will be a basic mode of communication
  8. You should have a Skype Account, which we will use to communicate one on one. If you don’t have a Skype account, we can help you set it up
  9. In the interest of leveraging some of the common tools many of us already have or have access to, we use MS Word, Chrome (web browser) and the suite of Google products eg. Google Drive, which simplifies the need to integrate work processes.

Minimum Personal Requirements

  1. Willingness to follow and respect the process outlined by the Author Foundry and your Developmental Editor
  2. Willingness to put in the hard work to stay on course, moving forward toward your objective of completing your book.
  3. The foundation for your goal to rule the world!