What payment methods do you accept?

For the foreseeable future, we will be using PayPal as our main Payment Gateway.  Our Checkout is directly linked to PayPal, where you can pay directly from your PayPal account, or with your Credit Card or VISA Debit

How do I use Paypal to make a purchase?

PayPal is very simple to use.  Navigate to Programs from the Main Menu, and selecting the course you’re interested in, will open up a Full Description of that course.  Next, select the Take This Course button, which will redirect you to the Checkout, where, after completing ALL the mandatory fields you can Proceed To PayPal and follow the instructions.  You will have the option to pay by using funds in your PayPal account or choose between a Credit Card or VISA Debit.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, sort of.  You’re welcome to make a lump sum payment for our Premium writing program, the Author Foundry, or make three instalment payments, billed monthly, the first is due on registration and the second on or before the course start date with the last payment due 30 days after the course starts or after the second payment which ever comes first.  However, be aware of the fact that the lump sum payment will save you $600.00.

Charges for all of our other products and services are collected in full, when you order.  There are several promotional courses made available to registered Author Foundry writers at no charge.

What's your refund policy?

Writing a book is a lot of work.  Many new authors fail to grasp the commitment needed to deliver a book, readers will value.  If you find that you have underestimated your commitment, you can walk away from the Author Foundry program, no questions asked, within the first thirty days of your Registered Course start date.  You will receive a full refund of your FEE within thirty days of informing us of your decision not to continue.

We will also refund your FEE, if you complete the Author Foundry program, submit your full Submission Package and have it accepted, but for any reason, we can’t deliver on our promise to publish within six months, guaranteed.

Our reputation is also on the line and although we sincerely want to see you succeed, we can’t afford to have you feel short-changed.  If we find that you are not fully participating in the Author Foundry Program, we would rather refund your money than run the risk that you might later, describe our course in a poor light.

How do self-publishing costs compare to the Author Foundry?

If you’ve done your due-diligence, you’ve probably confirmed that the Author Foundry program includes everything you need to complete and publish your nonfiction book, with the exception of your knowledge, writing effort and commitment to see it through.  You should also have discovered that we’re not unique, in promising to help you write your book, but we do stand apart in our mentoring approach, and in what our complete package includes.

However, no comparison is complete without considering the numbers, so here they are.  Whether you’re self-publishing or comparing us to our competition, these details will help you to fairly compare the incomparable value we offer via our Author Foundry program.

Developmental Edit(or):

A minimum rate @ $0.09 / word

This includes providing you with direction in terms of how to Organize Your Material, our Mentored Edits, Rewrites and Changes

On a 90,000 word book that would work out to…



Style or Imprint Edit(or):

A minimum rate @ $0.04 / word

If you book is destined to fit within a certain line of imprint, you may require a Style edit.  In that case, an editor will work to make sure you book delivers your information in the format readers have come to expect from their topic or imprint.  For example, if you wanted Dummies Guides to consider your work, or you wanted your book to compete directly with them, a style edit would be the best way to ensure you are submitting your manuscript in a format readers expect.

On a 90,000 word book that would work out to…



Final Copy Edit:

A minimum rate @ $0.03 / word

A Copy Edit for a 90,000 word book involving approximately a 2-hour read…




The International Standard Book Number Can be issues by several agencies. Most charge a nominal fee/

$50.00 USD



Cataloguing In Publication registration is not possible for non-publishers in the U.S.

We can register here in Canada or there in the U.S, for free, however, the process is easier, here in Canada.

Canadian self-publishers can register for a CIP but it’s an involved process.  CIPs are free to register but may take up to six weeks and require several documents including the author biography


Cover Design

Cover design currently costs us $300.00 for a preset design. Custom designs are general charged at an hourly rate.  CreateSpace and others start at $300.00 for a semi-custom cover (templates with existing artwork that they can change titles on), and up to $1,200.00 for a completely custom cover



Additionally, some designers will retain the copyright to the artwork requiring you to deal directly with them every time you want to modify the cover for reuse in various reiterations.


The Final Tally for a 90,000 word book (think 120 pages)

DE Edit:                                  $ 8,100.00

Style Edit:                               $ 3,600.00

Copy Edit:                               $ 2,700.00

Cover Design:                         $   600.00

ISBN:                                       $      50.00

CIP: (not available to self-publishers)

Cost to prepare your book:     $15,050.00


Additional Promotional Items you should consider which are included with the Author Foundry Program:
Author Book Copies:                           $    150.00
Advanced Review Copies (ARCs):        $    500.00
Facebook Ad Campaign:                       $     500.00
Basic Promo costs:                                 $   1,150.00
Your cost to release your book            $16,200.00
The Author Foundry Program            $  8,600.00

You Save:                                           $  7,600.00

How can I access my course material?

Once you have purchased a Course, use the Username and Password, which you generated during the registration process, to Log-in. Navigate to your Dashboard, where you will have complete access your Course Material.  However, be aware that in the interest of keeping you on track, and in sync with your classmates, we drip out the material weekly, and in some cases schedule additional live classes to provide you with the best possible and most current material, and direct access to the Developmental Editor teaching the class.  You can access all previous material, at any time.

Can I download my course material?

Yes, some of your course material is provided in the form of PDF documents, and you’re welcome, after logging into your account and navigating to your Dashboard, to download them on to your own computer.  However, other material, in the form of video is only available Online, via your Dashboard, after Logging-In.

If you encounter any problems in downloading your PDF documents, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will assist you a.s.a.p.

Will I have access to the course material after I've completed my course?

Yes, you will have lifetime access to all your course material, so long as you remain an active Write2Press Alumni member.  Remaining an active Write2Press Alumni member is as simple as staying on our Mailing List and keeping your contact details current.

If you encounter any problems in accessing your resources, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will assist you a.s.a.p.

Can you write my book for me?

No, the Author Foundry is not a Ghost Writing service and our Developmental Editors don’t teach you to write; they teach you to deliver your knowledge and experience in a format your ideal reader will seek and understand.

We’re with you every step of the way, with unlimited One-on-One mentoring. We get you started, and keep you working to realise your publishing dreams.

Can the Author Foundry program help me with my fiction book?

The short answer is, No.  Write2Press is focused on helping Professionals and Entrepreneurs to write Nonfiction books that offer value to their readers and serve as a foundation for the author’s Consulting and Speaking careers.

Can I start the Author Foundry program whenever I want?

No.  As with other Distance Education models that involve Instructors, we have scheduled Start Dates and conduct the courses in cohorts with limited class sizes.

Theoretically, an unlimited number of individuals could log-in to listen to our weekly classes.  However, because each writer is assigned to a Developmental Editor (D.E.), we need to know well in advance how many D.E.s we will need, and what your area of interest is, so that we can match you with a D.E. that is acquainted with your field of interest.

For that reason it is very important that you sign-up for our Mailing List.  We will inform you of upcoming Start Dates and notify you when the courses are open for registration.

What's the difference between OnLine Learning and OnLine Education?

The internet is a great resource for information on almost any imaginable subject.  None-the-less, one has to be critical as to the accuracy of the information.  One also needs to recognise the difference between information that enlightens, and instruction one can apply.

Online Learning is easy.  Online Education requires time and financial commitment, with higher stakes and greater rewards.

The Author Foundry is a Mentored-Course that is focused on educating you, with the end goal of helping you produce a finished book that is ready to be published, whether it be through one of our own Imprints, or any publishing house that might be interested in you work.

How is the Author Foundry different from other Online courses?

The Author Foundry is not a collection of self-directed lessons, but rather, an Online Mentored-Course with eleven, weekly, Live-sessions, with an Instructor and Developmental Editor.  The Author Foundry is more akin to a university Distance Education model.

We are NOT interested in taking your money, whether you sink or swim.  We are interested in seeing your book through to completion and we fundamentally understand that our success is directly tied to your success.

What do you mean by Mentored Course?

Unlike most, if not all other Online writing courses, the Author Foundry is not a collection of self-directed lessons, but rather an Online Mentored-Course.  The Writer In Residence works directly with an Instructor, a Developmental Editor, a Copy Editor and a Graphic Artist, albeit at a distance.  The Author Foundry is more akin to a university Distance Education model.

You are not working on your manuscript on your own.  We’re here with you, every step of the way.

What is the significance of the term Writer In Residence?

The Author Foundry program has very specific end goals.  If you fully engage with us, you will have, at the end of the process, a finished book that is ready for publication.  Your manuscript will have been professionally Edited and have a cover designed to meet the standards of the category of your book, and an ISBN registration.  For that reason, we consider all participants to be Writers In Residence, and not just dabbling in a bucket list item.

Once you’ve finished your book and it’s been published you will become an Alumni member, whom we refer to as one of our Published Writers.

What does the Author Foundry program offer me?

First and foremost, the Author Foundry Program is a Mentored Course, which means that you are being “coached” through the process of HOW to write your book, by a live person.

We do NOT Ghost-Write, and our Developmental Editors don’t teach you to write; they teach you to deliver your knowledge and experience in a format your ideal reader will seek and understand.

You can expect:

  • Ten, Instructional Sessions, some will be prerecord and others – the first five – delivered live.  You will always have access to the session after the live class is delivered
  • One-On-One sessions with your instructor.  Most Writers in Residence schedule a set weekly appointment with their D.E. and work weekly in an assignment fashion to complete their book.
  • Weekly, LIVE Group Q & A sessions for the duration of our standard ten-week Author Foundry Program
  • A minimum of Twenty-hours of assistance from your assigned Developmental Editor
  • A complete series of workbooks in PDF format, based on the ten pre-recorded lesson modules
  • Copy Editor to professionally edit your final manuscript
  • Full, password protected access to your w2p Dashboard, Profile, Course material and Student Resource Centre
  • For Graduate Authors who continue with us or choose to self-publish:
  • Submission Print formatted book
  • Submission eBook Design and Formatting
  • Your ISBN registration
  • Printed Copies

What is expected of me?

Minimum Technical Requirements

  • Computer, be it a desktop or laptop. You must submit material in a digitized format compatible with a digital workflow
  • Basic computer literacy and familiarity with your Operating System
  • Reliable Internet Connection
  • Functional comfort level with your Web Browser, and how to download, install and activate any third party tools that will be necessary eg. Join.me; Adobe Acrobat
  • More on this to come, once we begin to discuss Marketing and Social Media platforms
  • Headset or Microphone and Speakers for participation in Webinars and Q & A sessions
  • You must have an E-mail address which you visit regularly as this will be our primary mode of communication
  • You should have a Skype Account, which we will use to communicate one on one. If you don’t have a Skype account, we can help you set it up
  • In the interest of leveraging some of the common tools many of us already have or have access to, we use MS Word, Chrome (web browser) and the suite of Google products eg. Google Drive, which simplifies the need to integrate work processes.
  • We may also ask you to install other third party tools.

Minimum Personal Requirements

  • Willingness to follow and respect the process outlined by the Author Foundry and your Developmental Editor
  • Willingness to put in the hard work to stay on course, moving forward toward your objective of completing your book.
  • The foundation for your goal to rule the world!

What if I need more than twenty hours with my D.E?

Should you require more than twenty hours with your D.E. you can purchase additional blocks of time in 4 hour increments @ $139.00 USD/ Block.

What is the Reader Needs Writing Model™?

The Reader Needs Writing Model™ has been developed by Sheryl Wright.  It is a structured approach to help writer’s organise and communicate their ideas, and share their experiences, in such a way that individual readers will more easily understand, internalise and apply their new found knowledge by developing each author’s Value Added Proposition.

Can I Really Finish My Book In Eleven Weeks?

Our promise to you, is that if you fully engage in the process, stay on schedule and put in the necessary time, by the end of eleven weeks, your finished manuscript can be ready for submission for publication.

What Do You Mean By A Finished Product?

We have very strict, but simple, Submission Package requirements with which you will need to comply, before we will consider your book a Finished Product.

Your Submission Package Must Contain:

  1. Your Author Biography
  2. BISAC Categories – Minimum of Three
  3. Amazon Categories – Minimum of Three
  4. Ten Keywords / Keyword Phrases (minimum of 1 long-tail keyword)
  5. Book Summary
  6. Synopsis – Chapter by Chapter
  7. Finished Manuscript (final edit completed by your D.E.)
  8. All necessary Illustrations and Photographs for the body of the book must be accompanied by proof of copyright ownership and / or Model Releases.

Your Submission Package Should Contain:

  1. Minimum of three testimonials from colleagues in your industry, attesting to your professionalism, expertise, commitment etc. and include signed release forms.
  2. Your Marketing Plan. These forms are available from the Writer’s Resource Section or on request.

 All of the requirements listed above, are covered in detail throughout the ten-week program. Every requirement listed above can be discussed with your D.E, who will mentor you through the work and exercises needed to complete your manuscript and submit a professional package.

What is a Developmental Editor?

A Developmental Editor helps authors to structure their book’s content and focus their ideas.

The Author Foundry’s Developmental Editors, follow our “Readers Needs Writing Model” to help you clearly identify your audience and present your material in such a way that your content will add real value to your readers.

What is a Copy Editor?

A Copy Editor will review and correct your written material to improve accuracy and readability, by making certain that your work is free of errors, omissions, inconsistencies and repetition.

What is an ISBN Registration?

ISBN is an acronym for an International Standard Book Number

If you choose to have your book published under one of our imprints, we will take responsibility for obtaining your ISBN.

Can I Be Involved In The Book Cover Design?

Yes, we will proactively request your input regarding the design of your book.

The final design will be produced by a Professional Graphic Designer.

How Long Will I Have To Wait To Have My Book Published?

The definition of Published has changed since the advent of self-publishing, and the technology that allows publishers and retailers to request print runs as short as ONE.

You can also publish directly to an electronic version.

When your submission package is accepted as complete (within 48 hours of submission), the official timer begins.  If you sign on as an author with one of our Imprints, we guarantee your book is published within the next three to six months.

Traditional publishing houses can take between six months to two years after accepting your manuscript.  It’s important to note that Publication is not synonymous with Printing.

Does My Author Foundry Fee Include Any Printed Copies?

Yes, our Imprint contract includes 20 Trade Paperback copies or 10 Hardcover copies for each book.  You may order additional books at 50% of the cover price.  You will also consulted in the setting of the cover price for both the print version and the eBook.

Who Is Responsible For The Artwork That Appears In My Book?

As the author, you are responsible for supplying us with all the artwork that appears in your book and on the covers.

All necessary Illustrations and Photographs for the body of the book must be accompanied by proof of copyright ownership and / or Model Releases.

Should you need artwork produced, we work with illustrators, photographers and graphic designers that can, for a fee, provide you with the content you require.

What If I Need Artwork Produced For My Book?

Should you need artwork produced, we work with illustrators, photographers and graphic designers that can, for a fee, provide you with the content you require.

Who Will Print My Book?

We use Ingram as our distributor and participate in their Global Express/Expresso program for small run publishers and their Print On Demand (POD) program to handle all of our Book Printing needs.  Besides the excellent quality of their printed books, another of the benefits to using Ingram, is that books printed with them are automatically added to their weekly catalogue which is distributed to every book retailer Domestically and Internationally, including Amazon & Indigo / Chapters.

Retailers are especially fond of Ingram, because it allows them to place book orders for as few as ONE copy.  As an additional option you may order, at an extra fee, a printed ad in Ingram’s monthly catalogue of new releases.

Will You Publish My Finished Book?

If you believe your book has the merit to attract Literary Agents, we have several currently accepting our direct submissions for consideration (a Submission is not a guarantee of Publication), but following our directions and submitting to our list does take your manuscript to the front of the line for consideration.

We also provide time with a mentor to discuss submission to publishers.  Our D.E. will explain how the submission process works, helps you write a rock solid query letter, and directs you regarding how to research publishers and find publishing houses that are most interested in your type of work.

If you’re in too much of a hurry to wait for an Agent to make the rounds with your manuscript (this can take several years), our imprints can have your book designed, edited, and ready for launch within three to six month of submission.

Who Owns Copyright In My Book?

All writers retain ownership of their copyright and are personally responsible for filing for protection.  A Copyright may be granted by applying to the Copyright office in your country and filing the necessary documents.  This usually includes a copy of your manuscript in paper or electronic format and paying a filing fee. This is usually around $50.00 in the local currency.  A Google search will return results on the Copyright offices closest to you.  Below, we have provided the contact details for the copyright offices in both Canada and the USA.

If you fail to file a copyright, your work once published will fall under the legal definition of Public Domain.  Your publisher, Distributor, or even your Editor may claim ownership and withhold all earnings.  Even worse, your work may be copied, reiterated, and disseminated, without your input or approval.  If you can’t afford the fifty bucks, don’t release your work until you can.

To file a Copyright in Canada, visit the Canadian Intellectual Property Office:


To file a Copyright in the USA, visit the US Copyright Office:


Note on Copyrights

When you search on copyright you will find lots and lots of outfits offering to help you with the process.  Some will even advise that using their services is the only way to secure copyright.  Do not fall for these unscrupulous agencies.  If your nation does not have a direct path to filing a copyright, choose one that will be accepted internationally.  A U.S. Copyright is a safe bet.  If you live in a Commonwealth country choose any of the larger counties or the one where your largest audience is located, such as the U.K, Australia, or Canada.  Protect your work.  It’s your responsibility.

Regardless of which publishing path you choose, you always own your Copyright.  Your publisher will contract for the Rights to produce your work.  If they demand that you transfer your Copyright to them, in addition to the Rights to sell or distribute your work, contact a lawyer.

If you publish with one of our Imprints we will contract with you for the print and electronic Rights.  That simply means that you cannot release your work under another publisher or by yourself, while we are distributing your work for you.  Generally, we will keep your work in distribution for one year.  At the end of that period, we usually transfer all the Book, eBooks, Cover, etc. files to you.  We can keep your title listed or pull it from distribution to allow you to take direct control of your work.  You keep everything we have created for you, including the cover and hold the copyright.  Once we pass your work back to you, you have complete control.  Additionally, as publishing is our secondary focus, we will allow you to withdraw from your contract at any time after the first year.  If you wish to separate from the Imprint before then, there will be a fee to cover the artwork, formatting, and promotional efforts undertaken for the book release.  That figure will be calculated and made available at the time we present you with your publishing contract offer.  Our goal is complete transparency.  You worked hard to finish your book and we want you to have every advantage available.

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If you’ve already taken a look through the current list of Questions and Answers but need to confirm any details, please feel free to contact us and we’ll address them As Soon As Possible.

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