Our Stories

Sheryl and Miguel met in their teens while enrolled in the Air Cadet movement, went their separate ways, and thirty years later rekindled their friendship after Sheryl published the first book in her trilogy, Contrary Warriors.  “I was so proud of her that I couldn’t help by reach out to let her know.”  It was inevitable that the conversation would turn to their mutual interest in literature and the desire to help others through their writings. Toss together two self-motivated entrepreneurs with a love for the arts, and the resulting brew was bound to be tasteful.

Miguel Hortiguela

Miguel was made in Spain but raised and educated in Canada. He registered Photography By Miguel and began his Professional Photography career in 1988, after having spent the previous seven years as a Fish and Wildlife Technologist, under contract to several, government and private agencies.  “Although it may seem like an unusual divergence, there is an elegant symmetry between Field Biology, which requires one to be observant of ones’ surroundings and record the small details, and photography, which requires one to be observant of one’s surroundings and record the small details.”

As a Toronto based photographer with both Canadian and E.U. passports, Miguel believes that although it is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words, there are times when only words can tell the whole story.  Like many artists, he gravitates towards several forms of self-expression and writing is something that not only comes naturally to him, but which he finds cathartic.  Miguel appreciates the value of sharing one’s experiences and thoughts with others, be it as a College Professor or with his three wonderful adult children.

His ability to fluently speak English, French, and Spanish, combined with his photographic skills and ease with words, have offered him opportunities to work along the Hudson Bay Coastline photographing wildlife management-projects for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) and as far south as the Andes

in Peru and Bolivia for CUSO International, a Development Aid NGO based out of Ottawa, Canada.

Whether photographing priceless artefacts for the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) or volunteering for Habitat For Humanity, it’s the stories behind the scenes that he believes to be the most fascinating.

After all his meandering, Miguel’s entrepreneurial and creative experiences have come to roost. 

“Of one thing I am sure, should we work together, the results will be inspired by a passion for the work and a desire to produce quality over quantity.”

Sheryl Wright

Sheryl was born and raised on Toronto’s Urban Rez, and struck out at the tender age of sixteen to find her path. In those early days, Sheryl worked as a roving studio photographer, travelling all over the country including the far north. As a Militia Trooper, she completed several full-time postings with the Canadian Forces, plus a tour as a Peacekeeper on the Golan Heights. In between those temporary postings, she tried her hand at several other jobs from selling cars to flipping houses, all with one goal: To save enough money for Flight School. “I was determined to learn to fly, and I wouldn’t let anything stop me.” By age 28 she had her tuition, studying aviation at the American Flyers Academy in Florida, while also completing an Electrical Engineering degree in her spare time. Her flight experience includes Canadian Airlines, Bearskin Airlines, and Her Majesty’s Canadian Armed Forces, in which she served as both a member and an officer.

After a lengthy flying career, she suffered a serious health challenge and on October 13, 1999, she was declared clinically dead. While successfully resuscitated by the heroic efforts of the Nursing staff, this would not be her only Near Death Experience during this crisis. “No one sees a life challenge coming. How you face these trials forge your character. An NDE is the ultimate wake-up call. In the aftermath, I awoke with a new desire…write, write for others, share the journey, and mentor others to do the same.”

Today, Sheryl is a published author of several non-fiction books including the Ground Rules for Writers Series. She has the distinction of writing a book that sold only two copies, Standardised Procedures for FAA Certification of Level One Flight Training Devices. This book guided Flight Schools and individuals to apply for a certification for their home computer and any PC-based program including non-industry Microsoft Flight Simulator. Within weeks of release, the FAA changed their rules, forcing flight examiners to recognise the efficacy of simulated flight training at the PC Level. To date, her fiction includes the award-winning military thriller trilogy: Contrary Warriors: Opposite Sides of the Coin, Blood Legacy, and Carved in Ice. She has two new lesbian contemporary romances from Bella Books: Don’t Let Go and Stay With Me, and has work in anthologies, including Happily Ever After.

How We Work

“Write2press.com is laser focused on helping Professionals and Entrepreneurs just like you, write their first non-fiction book in eleven weeks and take it to publication, guaranteed.”

We meet that promise by pairing each writer accepted into the program, with a dedicated Developmental Editor, and mentoring them through our Reader Needs Writing Model™

“We believe in the uniqueness of our approach as much as you believe in the uniqueness of your story”

No two people will recall an event in the exact same way, which means that we each bring our own unique perspective to how we describe an event, retell a story, share an insight.

“Your mission and your vision are unique to you and that matters to us, fundamentally.”

How We’re Different

If you’ve done your homework, you’ve already discovered that we have plenty of competition clamouring for your attention.  Asking yourself Why Write2Press? is not only a good question, it reveals that you take your efforts and financial budget, seriously.

So, to answer your question, let’s start by making it perfectly clear that we are NOT a Vanity Press.

Today, anyone can self-publish.  Advancements in technology now permit anyone, anywhere with an internet connection, to gather a Collection of Poems or write a Family History and upload it to the “cloud” to print as few or as many copies as they want.  A few weeks later a box of bound books will be delivered right to their door and they can begin the challenge of selling them or choose to give them away as gifts to friends and family.

However, at Write2Press, our focus is on working with writers who feel the unbridled need to share their ideas and their experiences with others.  Writers who want to publish a non-fiction book that will add value to their readers’ lives and serve as the foundation upon which the author can build a viable consulting and speaking career.

“There are countless ways by which one can tell if someone is genuinely excited about a project, and ours is to write and talk about it. We’re chomping at the bit to get working with you.  Can’t you see it in our smiles?”