We are laser focused on helping

Professionals and Entrepreneurs just like you,

Write and take their Nonfiction Book to Publication

In Eleven Weeks…

...but before you go any further, ask yourself these three Key Questions.

Why This?

Why You?

Why Now?

We Are Not A Vanity Press

Today, anyone can self-publish.  Advancements in technology now permit anyone, anywhere with an internet connection, to gather a Collection of Poems or write a Family History and upload it to the “cloud” to print as few or as many copies as they want.  A few weeks later a box of bound books will be delivered right to their door and they can begin the challenge of selling them or choose to give them away as gifts to friends and family.

However, at Write2Press, our focus is on working with Professionals and Entrepreneurs who feel the need to share their ideas and their experiences with others.  We want to work with individuals, who want to publish a non-fiction book that will add value to their readers’ lives and serve as the foundation upon which the author can build a consulting and speaking career.

Criterium Road Cycling Race in St. Lawrence Market Distric in Toronto
Engagement Portraits of Carl and Dawny @ Gooderham & Worts a.k.a. Distillery District.
Canadian Homes & Cottages - Bayfield

On the other hand, if you want to be a Best Selling Nonfiction Writer, we want to hear from you.

If you're still with us

Like Any Successful Relationship, Agreeing On The Pre-Nuptial Wording Is Very Important.

Let’s see if we make a good match.

We Will Be A Great Fit If...

  • You are prepared to respect the process and follow the advice of an invested Developmental Editor
  • You see your book as the foundation to a larger plan
  • You have a Life Time of experiences to share with others
  • You have a large Blog-following

We Won't Get Along If...

  • Writing a book is on your bucket list
  • You believe that you don’t need an editor
  • You’re unwilling to commit the time required
  • You’ve purchased a Gym Membership and didn’t use it
  • You think that owning a camera makes you a photographer